About Us

Tall Order is a new family run roastery in County Louth, featuring a passionate team with over 30 years' experience in the Irish coffee industry. We are dedicated to sourcing the finest green coffees from trusted importers and growers worldwide. From single origins to signature blends, we prioritise quality from farm to cup. We provide freshly roasted coffee for both Irish businesses and home users.



Our 60kg IMF roaster leads the way to a greener coffee experience, cutting gas consumption and emissions compared with traditional roasters. Its recirculating heat system ensures that we use only the energy we need during our roast process. Meanwhile our built-in afterburner efficiently tackles 97% of emissions, significantly reducing our carbon footprint. An environmentally conscious roast without compromising on quality.

About us - Sustainability

Quality Control

We spend a lot of time in the roastery focusing on quality control. With regular test roasts to ensure consistency, every green coffee delivery is also checked for humidity and density upon arrival and regularly during its time on the shelves.

About us - Quality Control

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